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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended is the most recent and most remarkable cycle of Adobe’s picture editing and graphic depiction programming. The Extended form incorporates a pile of devices for making and altering 3D substance. It also performs subjective picture examinations that aren’t found in the standard release of Photoshop.

Some of the features of Photoshop® CS6 Extended

New interface

Photoshop CS6 accompanies another obscured UI. It’s not so much jumbled but rather more smoothed out. Some may lean toward the new look and others may dismiss it, yet it is more contemporary.

Content-Aware Move

 That is the thing that the Content-Aware Fill instrument, presented in Photoshop CS5, can do. In CS6, it has a minor departure from that topic: Content-Aware Move. It lets you select an item in a solitary layer picture and move it elsewhere in the image.


 Managing huge squares of text in Photoshop is a pain, or possibly it was. Photoshop CS6 is beginning to have a portion of the sort styling adaptability of InDesign. New character and section styles make type arranging a lot simpler.

Versatile Wide Angle

This focal point amendment channel enables you to control the regions in your picture that will be dependent upon change. You should simply draw along a bent line of twisting and you can fix it. It makes the picture look as though it was taken with an alternate focal point.

After knowing some of the features, it has some of the issues as well. You need to know some of the issues which come in between the process.

Some of the issues are:
Sometimes Photoshop is not working

It is because of the huge files interrupted the whole processing. Sometimes the malware didn’t let you diagnose the whole Adobe.

Image resizing issue

Sometimes people have the issue of resizing the image. You need to focus on that specific size which you need. Resizing image means to change the size of a specific picture accordingly.

There are many other issues that you face in Photoshop® CS6 Extended. Ther is a team of highly qualified technicians who help you to solve the issues.


We wish that through this article you get to know some of the issues and some features which help you to let this useful. It is best for those who have a keen interest in Photoshop® CS6 Extended. In any case, if you are stuck in between the Photoshop then you can contact the Photoshop® CS6 Extended support.