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Clean My PC is more than a standard PC cleaner structured distinctly to let lose some space. It is fairly a multi-tool that can upgrade your PC, secure protection, oversee naturally propelled projects and expansions, fix Registry issues, etc. People can rely on the services of McAfee. It runs deep scan into your system to protect your system from the risky and unwanted files. The main aim of Clean My PC is to delete the unwanted documents which share the space in your PC.

Some of the features of Clean My PC:

Tidy up unreasonable and broken information: My Computer checks your hard drive to discover reserve records. Some of the log documents, unneeded assistance records, unused UI dialects, and different waste documents. Expelling them is alright for your information and the framework. This will only be sorted out by Clean My PC as it resolves the unwanted files in your device.

Look after Registry: The Registry Maintenance module permits you to dispose of broken vault keys and library extras of prior expelled programs. This information is pointless yet it stays on your PC and in the long run, may influence its exhibition. Somehow you forgot to delete that but Clean My PC helps you to delete that whenever required.

Uninstall applications: Multi Uninstaller totals all projects introduced on your PC in a solitary rundown. It lets you expel any of them totally, with all related records. Also, you can choose up to 10 applications one after another to dispose of them all in two or three ticks. Clean My PC identifies the unused applications. It informs you before deleting any of the applications.

Oversee Extension: While numerous projects and even Windows itself frequently go with certain expansions, toolbars, or modules. You presumably don’t require, expelling these satellites isn’t a simple errand. Except if you have Clean My PC where you can erase any augmentation in two or three ticks.

Secure protection: Online or disconnected, your PC stores some private data about your exercises, which you may like to clean accordingly. Clean My PC effectively finds and rapidly evacuates such private information. Some of the information like treats, programs’ and Explorer’s history, reserved information, and approval subtleties.

Expel records safely: The Shredder module expels delicate data from your PC for the last time, without an opportunity to re-establish it. This component is especially significant if, for instance, you are selling your PC and don’t need any of your docs to be at any point recouped. Or on the other hand, you’d presumably prefer to erase some budgetary records with this element as well. Clean My PC helps to secure the data or delete the data whichever is not required.


We wish that through this article you get to know some of the informative things about Clean My PC. There are some of the features which help you to stay with this cleaner. It protects your data and privacy from malware.

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