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Gmail is a standout amongst other known webmail servers over the globe. It is mostly taken care of by Google and you can send and get messages. Gmail isn’t just a straightforward method to send and get messages. However, it additionally has great storage and you can store your information and pictures which you would prefer not to reveal to the world. It has the best security and protection angles which cause clients to include additional time in Gmail.

Some of the features of Gmail which is loved by everyone:

  1. Schedule emails: it is a great feature to enjoy the feature of Gmail. You can schedule emails whenever you get to have those specific mails. You can select dates and time and you will be notified for some of the mails.
  2. Attachment: there is a new feature where you can directly click on the attachment. It is not important to go to the documents and open that. You can directly open the document or attachment from the mails.
  3. Confidential mode: there is a mode where the recipients send mails and you are not able to download those documents. It is very helpful for some of the users to show or see the message and not able to download.

After knowing some of the important features, you will face some of the issues which stuck your work. In this article, you get to know some of the issues which you can solve after having the assistance. As we know that Gmail is the best knowing mail services, so it has the best-known technicians who help you to solve the issues.

Some of the issues are as follows:

In case you forget your password

Recovering your Gmail password is important as it may cause non delivering of your mails and you are not able to operate your mails If you find any problem or difficulty in creating your Gmail account, or after multiply tries you are not able, to sum up, the things then many helpline numbers are there.

Sometimes the hacked account leads you to face issues

Hackers know many ways to penetrate Gmail, and data leaks help them even more. They have multiple tools on the desk to make your life more difficult such as phishing emails, fake profiles, quid pro quo, malicious links, or just plain jailbreak into your account, and after that, you are not able to operate your account.


We wish that through this article you get to know some of the issues which you must face while using Gmail. There is a team of a highly qualified professional who helps you to solve these issues. Whenever you feel there is an error coming in your way, you have Gmail support that helps you.