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Hotmail is known to be the world’s first webmail which is quite famous and later on taken by Microsoft. Hotmail name changes and now it is known as Outlook. Hotmail is a Microsoft owned employer that has brought one of a kind impressive adjustments to it. It has integrated numbers of offerings to the inbox together with several other features. The combination of Skype provider to the Hotmail inbox is providing a large handiness and simplicity to the customers.

 One of the important features of Hotmail is that it focuses on the prime messages. The users need to see and the other less important messages can wait for sometimes.

Some of the issues which are face by Hotmail users are as follows:

Hotmail account not working

This is the main issue faced by the user. You need to solve these issues for better function. You will not receive or send messages if you are facing this issue. You can solve this by having professional assistance. You need to clear the cookies and cache for the smooth functioning of the outlook.

Cookies and cache

Whenever we browse on the internet they save history or the browsing history which is junk for the browser.

Sometimes, while browsing the users can reach the unsecured websites and it contains the corrupted cache and cookies which cause the issue of Hotmail is not working. It is important to clear the browsing history or the cookies as soon as possible because f the cache and cookies viruses can also corrupt your computer.

Login issues

Sometimes due to the firewall exception or some other reason lead you to face the issue of login. Either you forgot your password or some of the reasons behind it. You need to clear the issues. As we know that Hotmail has the team of a highly qualified professional who helps you to tackle the issues regarding the Hotmail.

Some of the malware lead you to face the issues. After browsing unsecured websites the user sometimes forgets then unsecure website welcomes the viruses through cookies. And without your knowledge, it corrupts the whole computer. It is important to delete the cookies and cache as well as check the antivirus whether it works ok or not.


After knowing some of the issues, it is important to solve them. Sometimes viruses or malware lead you to stop messaging. You will not receive or send mails because of many reasons like the wrong sender’s address etc. well to solve these issues; you have the best-known technicians who try to help the users. In any case, if you have any issues in Hotmail then you can rely on the services of Hotmail support.

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