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Microsoft Edge works on Windows 10, 8, and 7, Android, iOS, and Mac platforms. It is a highly used browser, and one can easily download the Microsoft edge from the Microsoft website. Here are some features that make Microsoft the best choice for users.

  • Mac support added to Windows, Android, and iOS support.
  • Enterprise-grade security.
  • Sync history, bookmarks, and passwords across signed-in devices.
  • Dark mode.
  • Block third-party ads.
  • Clear privacy options.

Although Microsoft edge has excellent features, there are instances when the Microsoft edge shows some error, and to fix these errors needs to get the Microsoft edge Support’s help.

Some Common Issues with the Microsoft edge

Microsoft edge is not opening

In case, Microsoft edge is not opening or keeps closing after some time of opening, or a user is not able to open some web page, then here are some steps that help the users to fix the issue.

  • Close all tabs
  • Restart Microsoft edge
  • Close extensions
  • Restart your computer

If these solutions are not good enough for your issue, then feel free to contact our experts on our Microsoft edge Support. Our experts will provide the best solution for your Microsoft issues.

Microsoft edge is not responding

There are many reasons which prompt the Microsoft edge is not responding issue. Virus and Malware infection is one of the reasons for the problem. Check your internet connectivity as poor internet is also responsible for the Microsoft edge is not responding issue.

Microsoft Edge is not working on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is now a new browser of Windows 10, but many users face some difficulties in using the Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. They complain about Microsoft Edge freezing or crashing, or very slow performance, or show error in the opening. So, a user can resolve the issue by contacting our Microsoft edge Support.

Microsoft edge browsing data issue

Many times users face issues like the page is not loading or taking much time, not able to scroll down, images not opening, and slow speed, due to the browsing data. This issue occurs due to the browsing data stored in your system. And one fo the effective way to resolve all the issues is to clear the browsing data. And to clear the browsing data, a user needs to open the settings, and here, a user is required to clear cache and cookies.

Creating a new profile issue

Corrupted profile leads to many issues like syncing problems. And to resolve the issue, a user needs to create a new profile. However, users face difficulties in creating a new profile, and for help, they required the Microsoft edge Support.

Microsoft Edge Support helps the users to fix all the problems with ease. They guide the user’s step by step process to fix the issues of the Microsoft edge. So, if you have any error or problem with your Microsoft edge, contact Microsoft edge Support.

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