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Protonmail is a free webmail service. Sending and accessing emails with the proton mail is quite easy. ProtonMail offers the best features. ProtonMail also provides its app version for iOS and Androids. Many users prefer the email that provides the great storage capacity, and proton mail offers the 500 MB online storage for free, and the paid users can get the 20 GB storage capacity.

Here are some features of the ProtonMail, which makes it the better mail service.

  1. Keeps email safe
  2. Comes with the good storage capacity
  3. Multiple encryption options.
  4. All data stored on servers in Switzerland
  5. ProtonMail apps for Andriod and iOS

So, it has many great features, but in contrast with the great features, it also has many issues or problems that users came across time and again. All these issues need to be solved at soon as possible to continue using the Protonmail and complete the pending task. And ProtonMail Support offers great help in it.

A user can find the solutions of the given issues on the ProtonMail Support.

ProtonMail login issue

One of the common issues that users usually come across is the ProtonMail login issue. There could be many reasons behind the issue. But one of the main culprits is your wrong password. So, while login to your ProtonMail, make sure you are entering the correct mail password.

Protonmail is not receiving emails

In a time of some urgent work, Protonmail is not receiving emails occurs then it troubles a user very much. So, if that the case, then check your mail setting as an incorrect mail setting leads to the issue.

Protonmail password issue

Passwords are very compulsory to save our data. And if users have more than one email, then it might be difficult for the users to remember all the passwords. So, in case of users forgot their Protonmail password, then they will not be able to sign in to their Protonmail account. So, to fix this issue, users need to recover their password using a password recovery link.

Protonmail is not sending emails

If usres are facing this issue, then users must check the email address first. As many times uses are typing the wrong email address, due to which this issue emerges. Also, check you internet connection is strong and active. So, reset internet connection then try to send the mail.

Protonmail server issue

If your server details are wrong, then there are chances that you come across the Protonmail server issue. So, if you found the incorrect server settings, do the required changes to fix the issue.

ProtonMail Support

All these are some common issues that the proton mail users face while utilizing the service of the proton mail. And to get the solutions of all these issues or other issues with the proton mail, then contact the ProtonMail Support. Here, users will receive the required solution from the ProtonMail Support’s experts team.

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