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AOL email is an online specialist organization by AOL. AOL is one of the most seasoned email servers in the globe and its administrations are endowed by countless individuals. It gives monstrous highlights to deal with your mail account, infection assurance, spell checking, spam security. You can modify board size in AOL mail. If the expert needs to trust via the post office, at that point it is the AOL mail stage that is trusted.

There are many other features which are highly enjoyable by the users. AOL is a mail stage that lets you beautifully form your messages. It can help change both plain content and rich-text positions. This encourages users to make extravagant email messages that have fascinating arranging.

Some of the features are as follows:

  1. Font style: the users should know that they can change the text into 9 other font style like Times Roman, Verdana, etc. you can just make your mails looks good and creative.
  2. Spam mails: every time whenever the user’s signup to the mail services there is the spam mails that follows. But luckily Aol does have to deal with it. They have this feature in which the users do not get the spam mails or deleting them simultaneously.
  3. Text messages: AOL helps you to send them instant messages to your phone from the mail account. It is quite a time saver. The users find it a really good option as they don’t have to take their phone for the message and they can do it by working on the phone.

AOL has some other important thing and that is AOL Desktop Gold. It includes various other features which are as follows:

  • The installing and downloading process is simplified.
  • There is a two-step verification which is for the security enhancement.
  • There is a new anti-phishing feature and premium security which helps you to avoid spam emails.

There are a lot of new features which are enjoyed by users. In between that, there are some of the issues which need to be solved. There are a team of highly qualified technicians who help the user to rectify the issues.

 Some of the issues are:

  1. Unable to send or receive mails: well this issue in AOL is disturbing users. It is mainly important to receive and send mails for the conversation. But if your mail account is not working then it is a big problem. This needs to be solved. You can solve this by contacting the AOL support.
  2. AOL is not opening: sometimes due to some of the viruses or malware, these issues can stop you from doing any work. You need to open the AOL but it is not opening.

Well in this article you get to know some of the amazing features of AOL. It is good to have the AOL Desktop Gold for better functioning. As it has easy preface, people can understand it. You need to know some of the issues which you might face while using AOL mails services. We wish that if you are facing any of the issues then you can contact AOL support for enhancement.

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